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Product Downloads

Vermont Photonics and Möller-Wedel Optical have created a range of informative and helpful support documents for all of our products and services.   They are all conveniently arranged by product type on this page.

Click on any of the links below to view, download or print any of these documents.

Product Software
ELCOMAT® Electronic Autocollimators

ELCOMAT Electronic Autocollimator Product Line Brochure

(Includes ELCOMAT vario, ELCOMAT HR and ELCOMAT 3000 (discontinued))

ELCOMAT Product Line Spec Table



ELCOMAT direct

Visual Optical Instruments

Adjustable Focus Collimators


Basic Collimator

Collimator w/ Reticle Turret

Collimator w/ Micrometer

Motorized Collimators - KM series


Motorized Collimators

Reading Telescopes & Square Body Instruments
Goniometers:  GONIOMAT Instruments and GONIOMATIK Software
Interferometers:  Interferometer VI Direct (all models & software)
Accessories & Components
Modular Components:  Objective Tubes, Reticle Sleeves, Autocollimation Eyepieces, Other Eyepieces
Mechanical Accessories: Adjustable Holders & Clamps; Stands & Tripods;
Sample Supports; Radius Measurement Unit
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