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Vermont Photonics enables angle metrology and testing of optical systems at the highest level through standard and customized testing instruments, integrated solutions, and precision measurements for the most demanding users.
Finding Solutions
We work collaboratively with your team to ensure the best possible solution to meet your needs.

About Vermont Photonics


Vermont Photonics is the exclusive U.S. distributor for German manufacturer Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH, recognized worldwide as the leader in the manufacturing of high precision, robust and extremely reliable optical testing and measuring instruments.

We have over 35 years of experience supplying truly top-of-the-line equipment and service to the machine tool, aerospace, semiconductor manufacturing, and optical industries, as well as science, education, and standards laboratories.

Calibration Services

Vermont Photonics is in a unique position to solve measurement problems efficiently with off the shelf equipment or customized systems.

Application machine tools industry

Our in-house temperature controlled calibration laboratory allows us to calibrate optical test equipment supplied by us or other manufacturers, as well as perform specialized contract measurements for customers.


Our dedicated support staff comprised of physicists and engineers prioritize helping customers, so do not hesitate to call or email for assistance with a measurement, help finding the right equipment for your task, or for any other questions or information.

Vermont Photonics operates a quality management system which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 + AS9100D.

AS9100D compliance ASR certificate

Click on the ASR ISO conformance certificate icon on the left to view the certificate.

Our world-class equipment and services are supported by our world-class customer care team:


Dealing with suppliers such as you certainly makes my job easier. The equipment purchased enabled us to further our relationship with our customer, who is a very well-known and highly respected global automotive OEM.

-Automated lens alignment equipment manufacturer

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MELOS Application convex-radii Principe

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