The ELCOMAT® 3000 is a universal autocollimation sensor with a large measuring range and high measuring accuracy. It is manifold and can be used variably. Classical examples are mechanical engineering or calibration laboratories.

GONIOMAT/Ground Prisms
Extension for Ground Prisms

The patent pending extension for ground prisms for the GONIOMAT M5/M10 Goniometers allows the measurement of prism angles with a fine grinding / roughness of up to Rq = 1.0 µm and a measurement uncertainty of less than 10 arcsec. The achievable accuracy and measurability of the test specimen depends on its surface size, and its roughness.

Extension for Ground Prisms
Calibration Services

Vermont Photonics is able to calibrate optical test equipment by Möller-Wedel Optical GMBH as well as other manufacturers. Our fully temperature controlled angular calibration lab uses the top-of-the-line ELCOMAT® HR as an angular standard, and is the only lab in the U.S. that is able to calibrate high-accuracy autocollimators.

Extension for Ground Prisms

With the direct signal digitization in the sensor head, the high user-friendliness and extended functions of the display unit 5000 the ELCOMAT® vario N sets a new standard in the ELCOMAT® product line. Like its predecessor ELCOMAT® vario D, the low-cost ELCOMAT® vario N autocollimation sensors can be supplied with a wide range of objective tubes. This variety allows you to choose the most suitable ELCOMAT® vario N for your specific measuring task.

Goniomat A Plus

The fully automatic goniometer GONIOMAT APLUS is the perfect measuring instrument for measuring and testing of angles, of optical prisms, polygon mirrors, wedges and angle gauge blocks. The thoughtful mechanic-optical design and the innovative hard- and software guarantee the high reliability of measurement results and an excellent accuracy of 0.4 arcseconds.

Extension for Ground Prisms

The Micro-Interferometer VI-direct extends the range of flatness testing to the domain of smallest diameters. The Fizeau-type interferometer is able to measure the surface flatness of optical parts with a diameter between approx. 0.8 mm to 3.6 mm. The cost effective Micro-Interferometer VI-direct can be used for testing of optical parts like micro-prisms, laser crystals, fiber endings etc..

Secondary Image
Secondary Image Angle Measuring Device (SIAM)

The SIAM is a measuring device for determining the angle between the primary and secondary image on windscreens in accordance with ECE regulation ECE R43. The device consists of an eye-safe laser beam source (laser safety class 2), a telescope and the evaluation software. Due to the optical arrangement the measurement is independent of the distance between light source, windshield and telescope.

SIAM Secondary Image Angle Measurement Instrument
Interferometer VI
Interferometer VI-direct 50 PUL

The plane surface Interferometer VI-direct 50 PUL allows the fast testing of uncoated and mirrored plane-surfaces. Due to its special layout the interferogram can directly be evaluated with the optional INTOMATIK-S Software after inserting the specimen. A re-adjustment is not necessary.

Visual Optical Instruments
Visual Optical Instruments

MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL collimators, telescopes and autocollimators are internationally recognised at sientific institutes and leading manufactures of mechanical and optical engineering. This success story is based on the high quality standards and on a well engineered and modular system.

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Vermont Photonics is the exclusive U.S. distributor of high quality optical test equipment and components by German manufacturer Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH. We supply electronic and visual instruments including autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, dioptometers, alignment systems, refractometers, goniometers, and more.

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