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Mission critical high-precision optical test instruments 

 When accuracy counts...

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Vermont Photonics optical setup
Vermont Photonics enables angle metrology and testing of optical systems at the highest level through standard and customized testing instruments, integrated solutions, and precision measurements for the most demanding users.

We work collaboratively with your team to ensure the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Deep Knowledge, Experience & Unparalleled Customer Service

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A world leader in high precision optical testing instruments.

Elcomat 5000 Electronic Autocollimator

Let us help you find the best instrument for your application

Exclusive US distributor for over 35 years...

Vermont Photonics is proud to have been chosen to be the exclusive US distributor of the world's finest high precision optical test equipment manufactured by Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH.

We may not have seen it all, but with our thirty-five years plus experience, both as a partner with Möller-Wedel and finding solutions for the most demanding optical test applications, our team of physicists, engineers and researchers have covered a lot of ground and we will work closely with your team to find the right solution for you.

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A message from the

Managing Director, Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH

Vermont Photonics has been the exclusive United States distributor of Möller-Wedel Optical products for over 35 years. We have chosen to continue working exclusively with Vermont Photonics over the years because of their extensive technical knowledge and experience with our products and the field of optical metrology, which are crucial for successfully marketing, selling and servicing our long-life optical measuring and testing equipment.


We see a great advantage with our partnership with Vermont Photonics in part because of the long-term tenure of its personnel who have built an incredible base of knowledge relating to our instruments and systems, providing continuity with Möller-Wedel and ensuring that this know-how is available to our US based customers, which of course is of great benefit to them.




State-of-the-art Electronic Autocollimator
  • 10X higher measuring frequency than other models
  • Larger Measuring Range
  • Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio
Elcomat 5000 Electronic Autocollimator

The ELCOMAT  5000 is the latest innovative addition to  the Möller-Wedel line of high precision electronic autocollimators.


Electronic  Autocollimator

Explore our line of precision angle measurement instruments built to last and with the highest degree of reliability for a range of environments including production and the laboratory.

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