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Vermont Photonics
Custom Solutions

Custom Optical Testing and Measurement Solutions – Hardware and Software

Vermont Photonics provides customized hardware systems with optional software. Years of experience with optical testing equipment allow us to quickly and economically customize systems for manual or automated optical testing and measurement. Software makes automated measurements quick and easy. Measurements that would be tedious and subject to user error can be performed at the touch of a button with great repeatability.

Software can be customized to display go/no go status, generate reports, log data, etc. Pictured below are several systems and measurement solutions we have provided in the past. Countless other measurement solutions in many areas of application are possible. Please contact us about your specific requirements.

z300 3 angle.jpg

Custom Alignment Fixture

Custom alignment fixture for adjustment of flange focal distance and critical centering of camera chip in body (without lens installed) for production of medical cameras. Includes a self test feature for ensured Accuracy.

Refractive Index Measurement at Various Wavelengths w/ Custom Software

The Vermont Photonics HCDR (Hilger-Chance Digital Refractometer) is a refractive index measurement system capable of simultaneously measuring refractive index of a sample at many selectable wavelengths with the touch of a button. Hardware and software can be customized to specific needs.

Simultaneous 3 Angle Measurement and Display w/ Custom Software

Custom system to perform, display, and log three simultaneous angle measurements.

Contract Measurements for Equipment and Artifacts

With over 35 years of experience with optical test equipment, and extensive knowledge of measurement techniques, Vermont Photonics is able to perform contract measurements and tests in one of our several specialized calibration laboratories. If you have questions about a possible contract measurement for an instrument or artifact, please contact us.

Below is a diagram of an extensive test we performed for a major aerospace and defense company, which included automated logging of months worth of data from several ELCOMAT® electronic autocollimators, temperature sensors, and accelerometers. These tests determined that the accuracy of the autocollimators held true at elevated temperatures.

ASTS1 custom measurements.jpg

Contact us to discuss your application.

We’re happy to talk about the endless possibilities that our custom solutions can provide for your next project!

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