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Vermont Photonics' expertise in precision angle measurements makes us ideally situated to assist you in the design, development and production of you XR headsets with our diversified range of optical measurement products and services.

eXtended Reality (XR)


eXtended Reality (XR) is the umbrella term for technologies that are used to enhance or replace how we perceive and view our world, by virtue of manipulating the information our senses and subsequently our brain receives and processes.


Currently, the categories include:

  • AR (Augmented Reality) - combines virtual and real world sensory input for an enhanced real world experience by overlaying digital information on real world environments

  • VR (Virtual Reality) - completely replaces real world input with computer-generated virtual input for immersive experience

  • MR (Mixed Reality) - generates virtual objects that are superimposed on real world environments.



The XR world has already had a powerful influence in the advancement of capabilities for a range of industries including aerospace, healthcare, entertainment, defense and education; from applications like teaching and training both in the classroom and battlefield, medical imaging and surgery to therapy and treatment of certain mental illnesses and fully immersive entertainment experiences.  And XR is just getting started.  There is so much potential in so many areas and our products are playing an important role in the design and production of the headsets that will bring on the future.

Our experience with precision angle measurements means we are ideally situated for confirming the accuracy of the waveguide gratings during the design phase.

Our automated imaging instruments make for a customizable production environment when building the imaging and relay optics.

Our large-aperture systems enable setting two spatially offset optical systems parallel to the same reference.


Some of Our Products Used By The eXtended Reality Industry

Goniomat A Plus DGM MWO Image 800x533.png



Motorized Collimators

Collimators Type K large-size-Aperture-MWO-Image-800x533.png

Large Aperture

Collimator K600/128

Diopter-Telescopes-MWO Image800x533.png


Collimators-Type K-MWO-Image-800x533.png

Adjustable Focus Collimator

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