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Tools for Optical Workshops

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Tools for Optical Workshops


Vermont Photonics offers the  Möller-Wedel line of specialized instruments used for a variety of measuring and testing applications in optical component production environments.

Tools such as dioptometers and dynameters are used in the calibration and measurement of magnification and optical power of lenses and eyepieces found in instruments such as telescopes, binoculars, cameras, microscopes and other similar items.

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Dynameter can be used for:

  • Measurement of telescope magnification

  • Diameter measurement of the exit pupil

  • Measurement of the distance between exit pupil and eyepiece

Dynameter-MWO Slider 1000x500_edited.png

Technical Details


  • Lens magnification 7.5x

  • Tube attachment with 10 mm length can be additionally mounted

Art. No.             Description

233 241             Dynameter

233 245     Tube attachment 10 mm



Dioptometers (Diopter Telescopes)


Dioptometers (diopter telescopes) are adjustable focus telescopes that measure the optical power of lenses in diopters. The measuring result can be directly read from the diopter graduation.

Dioptometers are most often used to calibrate or measure the diopter adjustment of eyepieces found on telescopes, binoculars, cameras, microscopes, and endoscopes. Dioptometers can be adapted to other applications as well, and can even be used as a short focal length collimator by replacing the eyepiece with illumination. Dioptometers are available with different measurement ranges and magnifications.

Application Examples:


  • Fast testing of optical power

  • Testing the diopter graduation and infinity adjustment of eyepieces

  • For additional enlargement on telescopes, o.g. when adjusting reticles

  • As reading telescopes in the negative distance range

Diopter-Telescopes-MWO Slider 1000x500_edited.png

Ordering Note:


  • The diopter telescope is equipped with an eyepiece f=14.7 mm but can be equipped with eyepieces f=25 mm or f=10 mm on request. 

Diopter-Telescope-1_5dptr-MWO Image 800x533_edited_edited.jpg

Art. No.            Description              Measuring range     Scale division     FOV* at  ∞    Focal length

233 202    Diopter telescope ±1.5       +1.5 to -1.5 dpt            0.25 dpt                   6°                 90 mm

*FOV = Field of View

Art. No.            Description                      Measuring range      Scale division     FOV* at  ∞    Focal length

233 212    Diopter telescope +6.0/-3.0       +6.0 to -3.0 dpt             0.20 dpt              11°                    50 mm

233 222    Diopter telescope +0.2/-5.8       +0.2 to -5.8 dpt             0.20 dpt              11°                    50 mm

233 234    Diopter telescope ±5.0               +5.0 to -5.0 dpt             0.10 dpt              13°                    40 mm

*FOV = Field of View

Diopter-Telescope5-6dptr-MWO Image 800x533_edited.jpg
Double Adjustment Telscope


Double Adjustment Telescope


The double adjustment telesope is an instrument for testing and adjustment of binoculars for:

  • Parallelism of optical axes

  • Image erection

  • A stabile reliable pecision instrument in connection with a distant target (< 3 km)

  • It is easy to handle and therefore the right instrument for use in laboratory, production control and repair workshop.

Art. No.                    Description

233 125      Double Adjustment Telescope

Technical Data

  • Objective Focal Length     90 mm

  • Clear Aperture                   16 mm

  • Tube Diameter                  40 mm

  • Eyepiece Focal Length     14.7 mm

  • Eyepiece Adjustment       ± 7 dpt

  • Magnification                     6x

  • Telescope Adjustment      ∞

  • Exit Pupil Diameter           2.6 mm

Double-Telescope- MWO Slider1000x500_edited.png



  • Parallelism-error of the crosslines <10', corresponding to the width of one crossline in the field of view

  • Parallelism-error of the target axes < 50", approx. one line width of the crossline

Tools For Optical Workshops :
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Tools for Optical Workshops 

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