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Other Accessories & Components


To complete the range of optical accessories and components, Vermont Photonics offers additional Möller-Wedel Optical accessories and components  including alignment aids, lasers and other illumination systems, monitor and camera sets, and storage and transportation cases.

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Alignment Aids

Alignment Aids

The alignment aids are especially handy for aligning distant or very small mirrors, polygons or prisms.

Note: The Aids have been specially developed for specific product groups. Please check the usability!

Alignment Aids-MWO Image 800x533.png

Click on the PDF buttons on the right to view, print or download product sheets on Alignment Aids

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Alignment Aids

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Adjustment Tools for Measurement of Micro-Prisms 

AC -  Finder Prism


The AC - finder prism has been developed to precisely align mirrors to autocollimators and electronic autocollimators at short distances.

Art. No.                     Description

221 031               AC - Finder Prism

AC-Finder Prism-MWO Image 800x533_edited.jpg

Laser Attachments D40/D65


The laser attachments D40 and D65 are useful for fast coarse adjustment of an autocollimator and electronic autocollimator. They are particularly useful for alignment of distant and very small mirrors, polygons or prisms.


Art. No.                     Description

219 760               Laser Attachment D40 with Power Supply

219 767               Laser Attachment D40

219 750               Laser Attachment D65 with Power Supply

219 757               Laser Attachment D65

Note: When using the laser attachment with an electronic autocollimator (ELCOMAT 3000ELCOMAT vario or ELCOMAT direct), you do not need a power supply for the laser attachment because the attachment can be supplied directly from the electronic autocollimator.

Laser attachment with power supply-MWO Image 800x533_edited.jpg


Alignment Aid For Micro-Prism


This accessory for the measurement of microprisms facilitates the positioning of test specimens to the autocollimator of GONIOMAT M and GONIOMAT A / A-HR goniometers. Its optical adjustment aid allows a reliable and simple adjustment of particularly small prism surfaces in horizontal alignment up to very small sizes of 0.5 mm².

Art. No.                      Description

241 616                  Alignment Aid for Measuring Micro-Prisms (GONIOMAT M)

241 667                  Alignment Aid for Measuring Micro-Prisms (GONIOMAT A-HR)

In addition, the tilting of the prism surface in a vertical direction can be controlled. This is particularly useful if very small microprisms are to be measured, because dust particles between the sample support and the prism base have a large influence on the vertical tilting of the prism surface. This unwanted tilting can be compensated either by cleaning the sample support or by using a special tilting table, which is included in the delivery.

The adjustment aid consists of an adjustment laser to control the tilting angle of the surfaces and a 3-point tilting table which can be used to compensate for the tilting of the specimen in more difficult cases.

Micro-Prism-MWO image  800x533.png
Micro-Prism-Table-MWO image  800x533.png
Laser-attachnent-MWO image 800x533.png


We offer fiber-coupled H-Ne-laser (stabilized and non-stabilized) and a stabilized laser diode for the Interferometer VI Direct series.

Note:  The lasers are designed for the Interferometer VI Direct and cannot be used with any other product.

Lasers-MWO Image 800x533.png



Two versions of the fiber-coupled He-Ne-laser for the Interferometer VI-direct series are available. Depending on the application a non-stabilized or frequency stabilized version can be ordered.

He-Ne-laser is a typical gas laser with CW-mode. It emits in the visible range at 632.8 nm wavelength and is very common in scientific applications. One further benefit is its relative simple set-up. This guarantees a high reliability and easy handling of the laser.

Art. No.                     Description

244 330              He-Ne-laser with fiber output, non-stabilized

244 332              He-Ne-laser with fiber output, stabilized

He-Ne-Laser-MWO Image 800x533.png

Stabilized Laser Diode


The frequency stabilized, fiber-coupled laser diode is a plug and play replacement of the He-Ne-laser for the Interferometer VI-direct series. The diode emits with 635 nm ±1 nm. The compact design of the laser allows operations in working areas with little space.

Art. No.                      Description

244 333               Stabilized laser diode with fiber output

Stabilized Diode Laser MWO Image 800x533.png


Möller-Wedel Optical offers options for illuminations for collimators and autocollimators.  If you order a collimator or autocollimator a bulb illumination (6V/5W without transformer) is included, but you can also order the lighting and illumination shown here.

Overview Lightsources-MWO Image 800x533.png

Transformer For Bulb Illumination


When ordering of a collimator or autocollimator the 6V/5W bulb illumination is included. The power supply (Transformer) must be ordered separately!

Art. No.                   Description

568 101                 Transformer 230V / 3.5...6V AC

568 102                 Transformer 115V / 3.5...6V AC

Transformer-MWO Image 800x533_edited.jpg



High-efficient-LED-illumination is especially designed for visual collimators and autocollimators. This type of illumination is working besides with normal power supply also with 4 accumulators that can be inserted into the control unit of the illumination.

The LED-illumination has the following advantages:

  • rather unlimited lifetime of LEDs

  • excellent brightness; can be controlled continuously

  • battery operation is possible

  • up to 2 auto-/collimators can be operated with one control unit

We offer the LED-illumination with one or two LED-Heads and also with different wavelength. Two different wavelengths with one control unit is possible on demand.

LED-Illumination with 2 arms -MWO Image 800x533.png
LED illum products.png
LED-Illumination with 1 arm -MWO Image 800x533.png

We offer also the single LED-heads with different wavelengths for existing control units in your possession.

Note: If you exchange the wavelength the collimator or autocollimator is defocused (chromatic aberrations)! Recalibration to the new wavelength are possible on demand!

LED single head illum products.png
LED-Heads-MWO Image 800x533.png

Light Conductive Fiber Illumination

Light conductive fiber illumination (with LED light source) are first choice for applications that require higher brightness, for example for measurement of small prisms.

Art. No.                      Description

217 337                  Light conductive fiber illumination LED, 1-arm

217 338                  Light conductive fiber illumination LED, 2-arms

Light conductive fiber illumination-MWO Image 800x533_edited.jpg

Monitor & Camera Sets

Möller-Wedel Optical offers a digital "Monitor and Camera Set" solution for autocollimators, testing and alignment telescopes, and alignment autocollimators.

With the Live Image Kit, the eyepiece image of an optical instrument can be displayed on a monitor using the LiveViewer  Lite software.


The basic application of the Live-Image-Kit is to display the eyepiece image of an optical measuring instrument as e.g. autocollimatorstesting telescopes and alignment telescopes or alignment autocollimators on a monitor. The LiveVIEWER Lite software included in the scope of delivery ensures optimum display. The LiveVIEWER software is available as an optional extension. In addition to brightness control and a 10x digital zoom, it offers a digital eyepiece reticle changer and a digital micrometer function that can replace a classic mechanical double micrometer.

Note: The Live-Image-Kit is useable with all offered eyepieces of the MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH. The size of the image field of the CCD-Camera is depending on the used eyepiece. This is closer described in the selection criteria of the eyepieces in the "read more" section.

Monitor Camera Sets-MWO Image 800x533.png
Video-Mini-PC-MWO Image 800x533n.png

The Live-Image-Kit based on a full-fledged mini-PC (Windows® 10) in combination with 19" monitor. This mini-PC can also be ordered separately as a space-saving solution for running software as e.g.  ELCOdirect and INTOMATIK-S in combination with the corresponding measurement system of the MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH.

Note: It is also possible to order the C-Mount-Adapter separately, to connect your own camera type with our visual optical instruments (e.g. telescopes, autocollimators and alignment systems). We recommend to order also the corresponding eyepiece hull for the C-Mount Adapter. This replace the diopter setting of classic eyepiece hull by the possibility to lock the focus position of the C-Mount adapter.

Art. No.                      Description                                           Comment

229 931                  Live-Image-Kit 

229 933                  Video-Mini-PC (Windows® 10)        Can be ordered separately

133 401 07            C-Mount Adapter                               Can be ordered separately,                                                                                                            should be  combined with                                                                                                              eyepiece hull.

280 385                   Eyepiece Hull                                     Can be ordered with a C-Mount                                                                                                     adapter

773 000                   33USB C-MOS Camera                     Monochrome camera with 1:1.8"

229 934                   Software LiveVIEWER Lite                Can be ordered separately; only                                                                                                   usable in combination with IDS                                                                                                    camera.

Monitor & Camera Sets

Storage & Transportation Case

Aluminum case for the safe and comfortable transportation and storage of visual optical instruments.  The case provides enough space for the instruments and illumination (including power supply and control unit).  The hard aluminum case and the elastic foam filling protect the contents against hard impacts.

Suitcase-MWO Image 800x533.png

Art. No.                   Description

777 008 02        Transportation and Storage Box 


Please note, that the box cannot be used for all visual instruments. It is also not  possible to store any holders and clamp fixtures in it!

The following list shows all visual instruments which will fit into the box:

Storage & Transport cases_edited.png
Storage & Transport Case
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