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If you know the type of instrument you would like more information on, click on one of the buttons just below in the header to go to that category page.  If you would like general information about our Visual Optical Instruments, then scroll down this page.


Visual Optical Instruments

All CollimatorsTelescopes,  and Autocollimators are of a modular design.  With proper handling, the components are  interchangeable, allowing  many combination possibilities, and ensuring the economic solution of problems.  One can combine modules to make a  telescope, collimator, or autocollimator with minimum effort, as the basic components are the same.  Eyepieces can be replaced by analog or digital cameras for monitor screen viewing or software image analysis.

ModularComponents-300x174 (1).jpg

Vermont Photonics provides the complete range of Möller-Wedel visual optical instruments that offer an extensive selection of modular components to choose from to ensure compatibility with your applications.

Select any of the products below for further detail.
If you are unsure which instruments and components best meets your needs, we strongly suggest contacting our highly knowledgeable customer care team for further assistance and recommendations.
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Square Body Telescope and Collimator-MWO-Image-800x533.png
Software LiveVIEWER MWO Image 800x533.png


Modular Components

Illustration of the basic modular components comprising many of the Visual Optical Instruments.

Click on the blue arrows to link to more information about that component.

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Visual Optical Instruments 
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Collimators Overview

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Autocollimators Overview

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Telescopes Overview

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