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The software is an integral part of the GONIOMAT M and GONIOMAT A product line.  It features a simple and well thought out operator interface and can be run under Windows®  7 and 10.

The software enables:

  • evaluation of measurements compliant to well established standards (ISO10110-1, VDI2605, DIN3140)

  • comprehensive protocol functions

  • tolerance specifications and tests

  • innovative ray tracing analysis

Goniomatik MWO Slider 1000x500.png

Additionally, the following software functions are integrated:

  • visualization of the autocollimation image and its deviation from the optical axis of the autocollimator

  • reading of the encoder and the position of the autocollimation image as well as their offsetting with each other

  • consideration of the angle iny-direction for calculation of surface angles (virtual tilting table)

  • prediction of reflection according to measured geometry

  • automatic reflex selection and reconstruction of specimen geometry by a method based on ray-tracing, it allows:

    • thrustworthy measurement without user intervention

    • reliable discrimination of double or multiple reflections

    • calculation of the theoretical deflection angles and the refractive index

  • measurement of the physical deflection angles

  • measurement of roof edge angles according to a method protected by a utility model*

  • standard methods for testing prisms, polygons and wedges

  • absolute testing of polygon mirrors using the rosette method

  • for simple routine measurements the "mini mode" with limited functionality is available

Goniomatik-Prisma MWO Image 800x533.png
Goniomatik-Polygon MWO Image 800x533.png

In the prism editor it is possible to create own prisms with the following specifications:

  • specification of angles and tolerances

  • specifications of pyramidal and deflection angles and parallelism

  • free naming of the specimen surfaces

  • preview of internal multiple reflections

  • specification of specimen sizes for correct ray-tracing analysis

*DE 20 2013 011 366

Goniomatik-Editor MWO Image 800x533.png

System Requirements


  • Intel Core 2 Duo (recommended Core i5)

  • Windows® 7 or higher

  • 1 GB Memory (recommended 4GB)  


  • USB 2.0 Port

  • Display resolution at least 1024x768 Pixel, True Color