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Electronic Autocollimators
ELCOMAT   Product Line


Note: The VP AKD is an electronic autocollimator used with a laptop or desktop for greater flexibility with data collection and analysis.

Note: ELCOMAT 3000 replaced with ELCOMAT 5000

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ELCOMAT   5000



Möller-Wedel Optical's new flagship electronic autocollimator is the instrument of choice for those who require the best in accuracy and precision for angle measurement, both in production and laboratory environments.
  • Larger Measuring Range
  • Higher measuring frequency 
  • Improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio

Standing on the well established legacy of its predecessor, the ELCOMAT 5000 continues the tradition of setting the standard for precision and accuracy in angle metrology. Users will welcome the ease‑of‑use benefits provided by the 50% larger measuring range and internal level sensors for fast and precise alignment. In addition, internal environmental sensors can provide data on environmental stability, and on‑the‑fly straightness measurements are incorporated into the display unit without additional calculation or software. The improved signal‑to‑noise ratio due to direct signal processing in the sensor head, combined with a 10-fold increase in measuring frequency and FFT analysis in the display unit take the ELCOMAT 5000 to a new level. All these benefits make the ELCOMAT 5000 the instrument of choice in diverse applications from primary standards labs around the world to production floors of companies large and small, as well as from machining center qualification to aerospace metrology.

Elcomat 5000 Electronic Autocollimator
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elcomat 5000 dimensions and specifications


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ELCOMAT Flatness Measurement Training Video

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ELCOMAT 5000 Brochure

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