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Electronic Autocollimators
ELCOMAT   direct Line


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Each ELCOMAT direct consists of the autocollimator sensor and the software ELCOdirect. ELCOdirect can be used with Microsoft Windows and a current PC, laptop or notebook. The autocollimator sensor is connected to the computer via the USB interface. A Microsoft Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL), autocollimator function, is included with the software ELCOdirect.


ELCOMAT   direct Product Line


ELCOMAT      is a registered Union Trademark (EUTM  018002083, trademark in CN, US (Int. Reg. No. 1476462)


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The ELCOMAT® direct is primarily intended for use in optical manufacturing. It is particularly suitable for the following measuring tasks:

  • measurement of small angles

  • high precision angle adjustment and calibration

  • assembly automation

  • wedge and prism angle measurement

  • angular position monitoring

Please also use the technical overview table for all ELCOMAT® instruments to select the most suitable ELCOMAT® product for your measuring task.




The main features of the ELCOMAT® direct product line are:

  • fast and easy measurement of small angles with high accuracy

  • computer-based evalution

  • connection to computer via USB 2.0 interface or higher

  • simple operation

  • cost-effective measuring system

  • easy integration into automated processes

A large selection of different focal lengths allows the selection of the autocollimator suitable for the respective application in terms of measuring range and measurement uncertainty.

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Typical Applications


The ELCOMAT® direct can be used in nearly all applications where electronic autocollimators of the ELCOMAT product line are utilized. Since multiple autocollimation images can be detected and evaluated simultaneously with the ELCOMAT® direct, it additionally offers some applications like e.g. measurement of wedges or 90°-prism angles. Some of the possible applications are described below:

  • Wedge angle measurement

  • Angle measurement of 90°-prisms

  • Adjustment of optical components

  • Parallelism of two surfaces

  • Position uncertainty

  • Wooble

  • Centering

ELCOMAT direct Brochure
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