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For more than 150 years Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH has been recognized worldwide as a respected leader in the field of optical testing and metrology, providing world-class measuring and testing instruments and systems that have proven time and again their accuracy, reliability and quality in the field and in the laboratory.

Elcomat 5000 electronic autocoliimator
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A message from the

Managing Director, Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH

Vermont Photonics has been the exclusive United States distributor of Möller-Wedel Optical products for over 35 years. We have chosen to continue working exclusively with Vermont Photonics over the years because of their extensive technical knowledge and experience with our products and the field of optical metrology, which are crucial for successfully marketing, selling and servicing our long-life optical measuring and testing equipment.


We see a great advantage with our partnership with Vermont Photonics in part because of the long-term tenure of its personnel who have built an incredible base of knowledge relating to our instruments and systems, providing continuity with Möller-Wedel and ensuring that this know-how is available to our US based customers, which of course is of great benefit to them.

Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH concentrates on the research, development, production and sales of high-precision optical test equipment and precision optical components. The company places special value on quality, safety, and usability of its products.

Möller-Wedel Optical is certified by and works according to a quality management system in conformance with the following standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

For more than 50 years the optical measuring devices of MÖLLER-WEDEL GmbH have been renowned worldwide for excellent quality. In order to enhance the market position of MÖLLER measuring devices, MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH was founded on January 1st, 2000, as a subsidiary of MÖLLER-WEDEL GmbH. MÖLLER WEDEL OPTICAL as well as MÖLLER-WEDEL GmbH are members of the international Haag-Streit group.

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DIN EN ISO 9001:2015


MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL places special value on quality, safety, and usability of its products.  To ensure our quality standards we introduced a Quality Management Systems according to ISO 9001 in December 2006.



MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL is certified by and works according to a quality management system in conformance with the following standards: DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality and environmental protection are commandments for us.

The personal commitment of our employees to quality, innovation and service to the best service to the customer is the basis of our success.

MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL  goals and objectives are fixed in the Quality Management Handbook:

  • Durable and reliable products

  • Highest precision of the products

  • Fulfilling of product specs

  • Consistent Delivery reliability

They do reflect our customer orientation. Beside this MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL fulfils the demands of an global acting company - Environmental protection and legal compliance are basic rules of the Management.


DIN EN ISO 17025:2018

Since 28th August 2017 MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH has been operating a DAkkS accredited calibration laboratory for the dimensional measurement: 


  •  Angle
        - Angle Measurement Standard

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