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High Precision Air Bearing Systems & Solutions

Vermont Photonics is pleased to announce its appointment as the exclusive North American distributor for Eitzenberger's high precision air bearing equipment and systems. Eitzenberger precision positioning systems are designed for a wide range of applications, including your most challenging and demanding projects.

Eitzenberger Air Bearings

Eitzenberger's precision, high-speed air bearing equipment and systems are purpose-designed and manufactured to meet client needs for accuracy, reliability and durability, even in the most difficult environments.

Vermont Photonics' renowned reputation for its knowledge, experience and customer service ensures that clients will receive total satisfaction with Eitzenberger products.

To see Eitzenberger's full line of precision air bearing equipment and systems and client solutions click here:

Multi Axes Systems
High Precision Stages | Gantries | Stages with X-Y-Z theta

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Eitzenberger Multi Axes Systems
Linear Axes
From miniature axes to special solutions based on granite

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Eitzenberger Linear Axes Air Bearings
Air bearing turning, grinding and drilling with highest precision

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Eitzenberger Spindles
Rotary Tables
Ultra-precise rotary motion | Passive or with direct drive

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Eitzenberger Rotary Tables
Air Bearing Pads
Elementary for any application

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Eitzenberger Air Bearing Pads
Special Projects
Customized for your requirements

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Eitzenberger Special Projects
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