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Electronic Autocollimators

The AKD is a PC‑based electronic autocollimator with fully customizable software.



Vermont Photonics has developed the AKD Electronic Autocollimator using Möller-Wedel components and replacing the display head with a laptop or desktop computer allowing greater flexibility in data collection and analysis.

The software was created by Vermont Photonics and allows us to offer customization for specific client needs.

AKD rev 2.jpg

The AKD can be fitted with any of the Möller-Wedel objective tubes for desired accuracy and range. Image analysis algorithms allow measurement of angle, wedge error, 90º and prism error, refractive index, and more. Software can generate reports, log data, and display go/no go status, and can be fully customized to your needs. Please call for more information on the Vermont Photonics AKD.

AKD Models & Specs

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