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Vermont Photonics

High-Accuracy Angular Calibrations and Optical Tests of Instruments and Artifacts, Traceable to International Standards

Along with enabling our clients to perform high precision optical measurements and testing, we make angle metrology part of our business through angular calibrations of instruments and artifacts in our temperature‑controlled laboratory. We use the top‑of‑line ELCOMAT HR as one of our angular standards.


We are the only lab in the U.S. that is able to calibrate high‑accuracy electronic autocollimators at the required uncertainty.

For calibration of visual instruments we maintain a lens bench that combines instruments from Möller-Wedel Optical with specialized fixtures and image analysis software.


This allows us to measure infinite and finite focus position of:

  • reticles

  • reticle alignment (centration, rotation, etc.)

  • diopter settings

  • and other select component measurements

Below are the Möller-Wedel instruments that we commonly calibrate.

Electronic Autocollimators moller-wedel vermont photonics
visual optical test instruments moller wedel vermont photonics
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