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Type KM: Motorized Collimators

The motorized collimators of the KM product line were developed for the "Active Alignment" of cameras for the automotive industry.

The high-precision linear motion guide, modular design and simple command structure allows customers to integrate these OEM collimators into their custom measurement setups easily.





The motorized collimators are designed to fulfill the high demands in the automotive industry for flexible use, fast interchangeability, easy integration into own software applications. The collimators can also be adapted to different test specimen specifications or measurement tasks easliy. In addition to 6 different focal lengths, two filter variants (machine vision, human vision) are available. The high-precision motorized linear guide has a travel of ±9 mm. Additionally, the linear guide can be supplied with a length measuring system to increase position repeatability and reproducibility. Depending on the focal length of the collimator, the travel distance allows imaging distances from +0.1 m to ∞ and from -∞ to - 0.1 m. The machine vision filter (white light filter) has an almost constant intensity distribution over the entire visible spectrum and has a color temperature of approx. 5700K. The human vision filter reproduces the sensitivity curve of the human eye (photopic eye filter) and has its maximum sensitivity at approx. 520 nm. A special diffuser ensures high homogeneity (Lambert characteristic) over the whole reticle structure.

The collimators can be supplied with different reticle patterns for MTF (e.g. 10 µm crossline, negative) or SFR (e.g. checkerboard pattern) applications.

Due to the modularity, the ideal solution for the corresponding application can be selected from 24 different collimators of almost identical design. This also allows an existing system to be quickly adapted to a new measurement task by MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH. Thus, the filters, reticle or focal length can be changed and can be used for their new purpose after a recalibration.

The calibration procedure used for focus determination and the high positioning accuracy of the linear motion guide make it possible to adjust the reticle at the factory ±5 µm exactly into focus of the objective used and to calibrate the average deviation from the ideal focus position as a zero reference for the system.

Each collimator is delivered with a calibration certificate stating the positioning reproducibility, repeatability and the achived infinity setting of the objective.

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Overview Modular Design Mot. Col. MWO graphic 800x533.png

 Crossline, Negative MTF 


 Chessboard Pattern (SFR) 

The achievable positioning accuraccy (A), reproducibility (R1) and repeatability (R2) of the motorized collimators for unidirectional or bidirectional positioning depend on whether a length measurement system is used or not.

Motorized collimator measuring specs.png
Mot. Collimator-Dimensions MWO Graphic 800x533.png



The dimensions are shown in the graphic and table on the left. The clamping range and clamping diameter is the same for all 24 variants. This means that the user can continue to use the existing mechanical mounts even after the collimators have been modified to a different focal length by MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH.

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Hardware & Software Integration

The illumination unit and the complete control and evaluation electronics are located inside the collimator. Up to 98 collimators can be adressed, connected in series and controlled via one converter. The control commands can be integrated into respective customer software and transmitted to the connected converter at a baud rate of 115200 Baud.

In addition to a simple software implementation, the series connection enables uncomplicated cabling and the possibility of quickly replacing collimators during maintenance. In the case of a replacement collimator, the adress of the removed collimator must be transferred to the new collimator. Thus, the exchange can be carried out in the shortest possible time and without great effort. Each collimator is delivered with one RS-485 connection cable.

Connection Principle Mot. Col. MWO Graphic 800x533.png

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Converter MWO Image 800x533.png



One converter is required for each collimator system (consiting of 1 upto 98 collimators). The converter is supplied with a power supply and the connection cable (Ethernet/USB 2.0) to the PC/switch box.

Technical Data

Motorized Collimator Converter Tech Data.png

Converter Dimensions

The converter is suitable for all motorized colllimator variants. It is able to control different variants of motorized collimators at the same time. It can be supplied with a USB or Ethernet interface according to customer requirements. The dimensions are shown in the graphic on the right.

Converter-Dimensions MWO graphic 800x533.png

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Notes On Ordering

Correct identification of the part number for the motorized collimators is shown on the left. When ordering you must specify the measuring system, focal length and filter type. Please note, that the standard configuration includes a reticle with crossline and width 10 µm. If another reticle is required, please contact us in advance.

In all cases, a converter for the required collimator system must also be ordered.


Product Variants

Motorized Collimators Product Line.png
Brochures Specs PDF's

Motorized Collimator Brochure and Specs:  TYPE KM

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Motorized Collimators

Type KM

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