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Type AKR CCD - 90° Viewing

with CCD Camera Mount

The principle, function and layout resemble the autocollimator with 90° viewing.  The eyepiece and eyepiece reticle are replaced by a mount for a CCD camera  and the autocollimation image is directly imaged on the CCD chip when the camera is mounted.  With no eyepiece reticle the displacement of the return image is measured on a video monitor or using a computer and software.


TYPE AKR CCD - 90° VIEWING with CCD Camera Mount

Notes on ordering:


When considering placing an order please note the following:

CCD-Camera and computer hardware/software are NOT included.


As this type of autocollimator does not have an eyepiece reticle a direct measurement of the reticle displacement is impossible. Additional computer with software is needed in this case.
For angular measurement the autocollimator should be equipped with a negative crosshair reticleResolution test or Siemens star reticles can be used to check the image quality.

One reticle and bulb illumination (6V/5W, without transformer) are included in the delivery. Please specify the reticle when ordering!
If not specified otherwise, the autocollimator is adjusted to infinity at 546 nm wavelength. Adjustment to other distances or wavelengths is also possible on demand.

The nomenclature of the autocollimators with 90°-viewing and CCD-Camera mount is shown in the right hand graphic.

Autocollimators Type AKR CCD small-size-Aperture-MWO-Image-800x533.png

TYPE AKR CCD 90° VIEWING w/ CCD Camera Mount

Small Size Apertures

Type AKR CCD small ap.png

*Calculated for 2/3" CCD Camera

TYPE AKR CCD - 90° VIEWING w/ CCD Camera Mount

Mid-Size Apertures

Type AKR CCD medium ap.png

*Calculated for 2/3" CCD Camera

**Compact design

Autocollimators Type AKR CCD large-size-Aperture-MWO-Image-800x533.png
Autocollimators Type AKR CCD mid-size-Aperture-MWO-Image-800x533.png

TYPE AKR CCD - 90° VIEWING w/ CCD Camera Mount

Large Size Apertures

Type AKR SW 90 ret tur large ap.png

*Calculated for 2/3" CCD Camera

Brochures Specs PDF's

Autocollimator Brochure:

AKR CCD -  90° Viewing w/ CCD Camera Mount

Click PDF button to view, download and print.

PDF icon.jpg

Visual Autocollimators Introduction

PDF icon.jpg

Visual Autocollimators

90° Viewing

with CCD Camera Mount

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