All CollimatorsTelescopes, and Autocollimators are of a modular design.  The components are freely interchangable, allowing  many combination possibilities, and ensuring the economic solution of problems.  One can combine modules to make a  telescope, collimator, or autocollimator with minimum effort, as the basic components are the same.  Eyepieces can be replaced by analog or digital cameras for monitor screen viewing or software image analysis.

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All CollimatorsTelescopesAutocollimators, and Alignment Telescopes are supplied with reticles installed at the factory. There are a variety of reticles to choose from, feel free to contact us to find the right reticle for your application.


CollimatorsTelescopesAutocollimators , and  Alignment Telescopes  are available with an interchangeable selection  of eyepieces giving different reticle magnifications and  corresponding changes in field of view.

Tube Extension

(Adjustable Focus)
All  CollimatorsTelescopesAutocollimators , and  Alignment Telescopes  can be equipped with tube extension for  adjustable focus. This is useful when discrete distances  must be focused or abnormal wavelengths must be used.


High efficiency LED illumination and light conductive fiber  illumination (with cold light source) are available for use  with  Electronic AutocollimatorsAutocollimators, and  Collimators.

Reticle Turrets

All  CollimatorsTelescopesAutocollimators, and  Alignment Telescopes  can be equipped with a reticle turret that holds  6  reticles . This can expand the functionality of the  instrument.


Single or Double Micormeters. TelescopesAutocollimators, and  Alignment Telescopes are available with single or double micrometer driven  reticles giving increased resolution and repeatability.  Micrometers can be set to display desired units.