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Vermont Photonics supplies electronic and visual instruments including autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, dioptometers, alignment systems, refractometers, goniometers, and more. As the exclusive U.S. distributor for Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH we are proud to provide truly top-of-the-line optical test equipment.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our dedicated support staff comprised of engineers and physicists is available to assist in determining the best solution for your measurement task. To discuss your application, and/or schedule an equipment demo, please contact us.

  • Extension for Ground Prisms

    GONIOMAT M5/M10 Extension for Ground Prisms

    The patent pending extension for ground prisms for the GONIOMAT M5/M10 Goniometers allows the measurement of prism angles with a fine grinding / roughness of up to Rq = 1.0 µm and a measurement uncertainty of less than 10 arcsec. The achievable accuracy and measurability of the test specimen depends on its surface size, and…

  • ELCOMAT® 3000

    The ELCOMAT® 3000 electronic autocollimator is the flagship ELCOMAT® model.  With a very high accuracy and large measurement range, it is the instrument of choice for those who require the best in angle measurement, in production or the laboratory.


    The ELCOMAT® HR electronic autocollimator offers the highest accuracy available in non-contact angle measurement.  While the angular measurement range is smaller than that of other autocollimators, its extremely high accuracy makes it the reference instrument of choice for many national metrology institutes, aerospace companies, and more.

  • ELCOMAT® Vario N

    The ELCOMAT® Vario N is a versatile electronic autocollimator, able to be fitted with objective tubes of many focal lengths.  With this ability to be adapted to a wide variety of applications, the Vario N is an inexpensive and flexible alternative to the ELCOMAT® 3000 and the ELCOMAT® HR.

  • Adapting Lens for Eyepiece to Camera Conversion

    Adapting lenses focus the image of a reticle onto a camera chip. The magnification of the image is determined by the focal length of the adapting lens, the focal length of the autocollimator eyepiece, and the size of the camera chip. Different magnifications give different fields of view, and are appropriate for different applications.

  • Visual Autocollimators

    Visual autocollimators measure the angle of optically flat (1/4 wave or better), reflective surfaces in arc seconds by viewing a graduated reticle through an eyepiece.

    Visit our Autocollimators page for all categories of this product.

  • Collimators

    Any of the Möller-Wedel objective tubes can be fitted with an illuminator and reticle to create a collimator. With infinity focus or adjustable focus the collimator can be part of an optical testing system in conjunction with a telescope, or lens bench.

  • Telescopes

    Any of the Möller-Wedel objective tubes can be fitted with an eyepiece and reticle to create a telescope. With infinity focus or adjustable focus the telescope can be part of an optical testing system in conjunction with a collimator or lens bench.

  • Alignment Instruments

    The alignment telescope is a precision instrument for the alignment of objects on a reference line defined by the line of sight, or optical axis of the telescope.

  • Camera Testing Instrument III

    The Camera Testing Instrument III-45 operates on a unique autocollimation principle. It is characterised by high precision, particularly wide measuring range and ease of use.

  • Dioptometer Vermont Photonics


    Dioptometers (also referred to as dioptre telescopes) are most often used to calibrate or measure the diopter adjustment of eyepieces found on telescopes, binoculars, cameras, microscopes, and endoscopes. Dioptometers can be adapted to other applications as well, and can even be used as a short focal length collimator by replacing the eyepiece with illumination. Dioptometers are available with different measurement ranges and magnifications, please view the catalog for more info.

  • GONIOMAT M5 / M5 XL / M10

    The GONIOMAT M is a semiautomatic goniometer with robust, innovative, and easy to use software. This instrument is perfect for quickly and easily measuring the geometry of prisms, polygons, wedges, angle gauges, and more. The GONIOMAT M series comes in two levels of accuracy:
    GONIOMAT M5: 1.5 arcsec
    GONIOMAT M10: 2.5 arcsec

    Also available as GONIOMAT M5 XL, for measuring large systems and parts.