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Vermont Photonics HCDR Refractometer

The Vermont Photonics HCDR is a refractometer that uses the Hilger-Chance method to measure the refractive index of glass slugs cut at 90º.



The HCDR combines customized software with precision angle measurement optics and a high accuracy rotary encoder. Index is accurate to ±3×10^-5. Using a spectral lamp and filter wheel, automated measurements at multiple wavelengths can be performed quickly and easily, and Conrady and Sellmeier coefficients can be generated to characterize the dispersion curve of the material. Custom reports can be generated with data and customer/job information etc. The HCDR is a compact unit that fits on a desktop. Please contact us for more information on the Vermont Photonics HCDR Hilger-Chance Digital Refractometer.

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