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SurfaceView Flatness Measurement Software

Flatness measurements are made as a series of single angle measurements at specified locations.  Electronic autocollimators are some of the most accurate instruments for the small angle measurements required for a flatness measurement.  


Product Description

Our software, SurfaceView, records all the measurements and calculates the surface profile accurately. SurfaceView is designed specifically to help the user make a surface plate calibration that conforms to Federal Specification GGG-P-463c, the standard for surface plates. SurfaceView also allows users to make other, less stringent measurements during production or for a routine check.

Electronic autocollimator measurements can be recorded by SurfaceView automatically and remotely. The user need only move the mirror to the next measurement position.

Other autocollimators or electronic levels can also be used, or data can be entered manually.

SurfaceView Manual

SurfaceView Demo

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