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The GONIOMAT A uses the same measuring principle and software as the GONIOMAT M, with increased accuracy and an automatic rotary stage. A housing around the instrument provides an environment free of external disturbances to further increase accuracy and repeatability. The GONIOMAT A is also available in two levels of accuracy:
GONIOMAT A5: 1 arcsec
GONIOMAT Aplus: 0.4 arcsec

Product Description

The GONIOMAT A has many innovative and useful features including:

•Simple adjustment of the item under test to the optical axis of the autocollimator
•A mechanical tilt table is replaced by a “virtual” tilt table thus eliminating the need for time consuming adjustment of a mechanical tilting table
•Ray tracing analysis to predict the location of additional reflections, increasing the capability and ease of use of the software
•Measurement of microprisms, with surfaces as small as 0.5 mm²

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