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High Precision Goniometers

Goniometers are indispensable for measuring and testing prism and polygon mirrors in production and quality control.

Goniometers US Vermont Photonics

MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH continues the long tradition of developing and manufacturing high-precision goniometers for industry and science at MÖLLER-WEDEL Werke. The many years of experience of the employees of MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH in the field of development, production and calibration of classical goniometers led to the high-precision semi-automatic and fully automatic goniometers of the GONIOMAT M & GONIOMAT A product lines.

Their special feature is an integrated electronic autocollimator with software-supported image evaluation and innovative measurement data analysis, which guarantees high measuring accuracy and enables the high degree of automation with short measuring times typical for GONIOMAT measuring systems.

  • Extension for Ground Prisms

    GONIOMAT M5/M10 Extension for Ground Prisms

    The patent pending extension for ground prisms for the GONIOMAT M5/M10 Goniometers allows the measurement of prism angles with a fine grinding / roughness of up to Rq = 1.0 µm and a measurement uncertainty of less than 10 arcsec. The achievable accuracy and measurability of the test specimen depends on its surface size, and…

  • GONIOMAT M5 / M5 XL / M10

    The GONIOMAT M is a semiautomatic goniometer with robust, innovative, and easy to use software. This instrument is perfect for quickly and easily measuring the geometry of prisms, polygons, wedges, angle gauges, and more. The GONIOMAT M series comes in two levels of accuracy:
    GONIOMAT M5: 1.5 arcsec
    GONIOMAT M10: 2.5 arcsec

    Also available as GONIOMAT M5 XL, for measuring large systems and parts.

  • GONIOMAT A5 / Aplus

    The GONIOMAT A uses the same measuring principle and software as the GONIOMAT M, with increased accuracy and an automatic rotary stage. A housing around the instrument provides an environment free of external disturbances to further increase accuracy and repeatability. The GONIOMAT A is also available in two levels of accuracy:
    GONIOMAT A5: 1 arcsec
    GONIOMAT Aplus: 0.4 arcsec

  • Goniometer II

    The Goniometer II can be used for geometry measurement, as well as the precision measurement of refractive indices of transparent media in the UV-VIS-IR from 254nm – 2325nm. Refractive index measurements are accurate to 1 in the 5th decimal place. Liquids can be measured using a special hollow prism.

    While the Goniometer II is outdated by the GONIOMAT series, it is still an excellent instrument for certain applications.