Featured Products

  • ELCOMAT® 3000

    The ELCOMAT® 3000 electronic autocollimator is the flagship ELCOMAT® model.  With a very high accuracy and large measurement range, it is the instrument of choice for those who require the best in angle measurement, in production or the laboratory.


    The ELCOMAT® HR electronic autocollimator offers the highest accuracy available in non-contact angle measurement.  While the angular measurement range is smaller than that of other autocollimators, its extremely high accuracy makes it the reference instrument of choice for many national metrology institutes, aerospace companies, and more.

  • ELCOMAT® Vario N

    The ELCOMAT® Vario N is a versatile electronic autocollimator, able to be fitted with objective tubes of many focal lengths.  With this ability to be adapted to a wide variety of applications, the Vario N is an inexpensive and flexible alternative to the ELCOMAT® 3000 and the ELCOMAT® HR.

  • GONIOMAT M5 / M5 XL / M10

    The GONIOMAT M is a semiautomatic goniometer with robust, innovative, and easy to use software. This instrument is perfect for quickly and easily measuring the geometry of prisms, polygons, wedges, angle gauges, and more. The GONIOMAT M series comes in two levels of accuracy:
    GONIOMAT M5: 1.5 arcsec
    GONIOMAT M10: 2.5 arcsec

    Also available as GONIOMAT M5 XL, for measuring large systems and parts.

  • GONIOMAT A5 / Aplus

    The GONIOMAT A uses the same measuring principle and software as the GONIOMAT M, with increased accuracy and an automatic rotary stage. A housing around the instrument provides an environment free of external disturbances to further increase accuracy and repeatability. The GONIOMAT A is also available in two levels of accuracy:
    GONIOMAT A5: 1 arcsec
    GONIOMAT Aplus: 0.4 arcsec