ELCOMAT® Electronic Autocollimators




The many years of experience of the employees of MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH in the field of development, production and calibration of visual and electronic autocollimators has led to the high-precision measuring instruments of the ELCOMAT® & ELCOMAT® direct product lines.

The ELCOMAT® 3000, HR, and Vario N Electronic Autocollimators are state of the art, high precision angle measurement instruments. They have an excellent reputation worldwide among scientific institutes and leading manufacturers in mechanical and instrument engineering as well as in the optical industry. This success story is based on the high quality, the well developed design and the functionality of the product lines. This and the precise manufacturing and adjustment of the devices, the choice of excellent materials as well as the restrictive quality control guarantee the MÖLLER-WEDEL OPTICAL GmbH products an almost unlimited lifetime even under rough environmental conditions.


  • ELCOMAT® 3000

    The ELCOMAT® 3000 electronic autocollimator is the flagship ELCOMAT® model.  With a very high accuracy and large measurement range, it is the instrument of choice for those who require the best in angle measurement, in production or the laboratory.


    The ELCOMAT® HR electronic autocollimator offers the highest accuracy available in non-contact angle measurement.  While the angular measurement range is smaller than that of other autocollimators, its extremely high accuracy makes it the reference instrument of choice for many national metrology institutes, aerospace companies, and more.

  • ELCOMAT® Vario N

    The ELCOMAT® Vario N is a versatile electronic autocollimator, able to be fitted with objective tubes of many focal lengths.  With this ability to be adapted to a wide variety of applications, the Vario N is an inexpensive and flexible alternative to the ELCOMAT® 3000 and the ELCOMAT® HR.

  • Vermont Photonics AKD

    Vermont Photonics AKD Autocollimator

    The Vermont Photonics AKD is a USB powered Electronic Autocollimator with standard or customized software. The AKD replaces a display head with a laptop or desktop computer allowing greater flexibility in data collection and analysis.