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Visual Autocollimators

Visual autocollimators measure the angle of optically flat (1/4 wave or better), reflective surfaces in arc seconds by viewing a graduated reticle through an eyepiece.

The longer the focal length of the visual autocollimator, the greater the angular resolution and the smaller the field of view. These autocollimators are fixed-focus at infinity, however we have Möller-Wedel adjustable focus autocollimators available as well. Eyepieces can be replaced by analog or digital cameras with for monitor screen viewing or software image analysis. Various adapting lenses provide different magnifications for use with cameras. A complete line of autocollimator mounts, mirrors, pentaprisms, and achromats are available for specific applications.

Additional Information

Accuracy (arc seconds)

90mm: 11.5″; 140mm: 7.5″; 200mm: 5″; 300mm: 3.5″; 500mm: 2″; 1100mm: 1″

Resolution* (arc seconds)

90mm: 2.0″; 140mm: 1.0″; 200mm: 0.5″; 300mm: 0.4″; 500mm: 0.3″; 600mm: 0.2″; 1100mm: 0.1″

Range of Graduations on Reticle (arc minutes)

90mm: ± 60′; 140mm: ± 50′; 200mm: ± 25′; 300mm: ± 25′; 500mm: ± 12.5′; 1100mm: ± 7′”

Aperture (mm)

90mm: 16; 140mm: 28; 200mm: 28; 300mm: 28/50; 500mm: 28/50; 600mm: 100; 1100mm: 78

Barrel Diameter (mm)

90mm: 40; 140mm: 40; 200mm: 40; 300mm: 40/65; 500mm: 40/65; 128mm: 100; 105mm: 78



Accessories (holders, mirrors, attachment lenses, etc.)


Modular Components

Modular Components (illumination, eyepieces, reticles, adjustable focus, etc.)


Adapting Lenses

Adapting lenses for eyepiece to camera conversion