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Vermont Photonics AKD Autocollimator

The Vermont Photonics AKD is a USB powered Electronic Autocollimator with standard or customized software. The AKD replaces a display head with a laptop or desktop computer allowing greater flexibility in data collection and analysis.

The AKD can be fitted with any of the Möller-Wedel objective tubes for desired accuracy and range. Image analysis algorithms allow measurement of angle, wedge error, 90º and prism error, refractive index, and more. Software can generate reports, log data, and display go/no go status, and can be fully customized to your needs. Please call for more information on the Vermont Photonics AKD.

Additional Information


AKD 90 : ±5″; AKD 140: ±3″; AKD 200: ±2.25″; AKD 300: ±1.2″; AKD 500: ±0.8″

Measuring Range X

AKD 90: 4200″; AKD 140: 3800″; AKD 200: 2600″; AKD 300: 1100″; AKD 500: 900″

Measuring Range Y

AKD 90: 5300″; AKD 140: 4800″; AKD 200: 3200″; AKD 300: 1400″; AKD 500: 1200″

Computer Interface


Power Supply


Minimum Computer Requirements

Window XP or later w/ USB 2.0 1 GB RAM



Accessories (holders, mirrors, attachment lenses, etc.)