When it comes to measuring geometry of your prisms, polygons, wedges, and other parts, precision and accuracy are key. Originally a tool used for surveying, goniometers used for metrology have taken significant steps in recent years. The introduction of the GONIOMAT line of automatic goniometers marks a new era allowing for the precise measurement of prisms. In this video, we describe how the GONIOMAT M goniometer from Möller-Wedel Optical is the simplest tool out there for accomplishing this.

Setting Up Your Goniometer

One of the benefits of this particular model is its portability. Unlike traditional models, the GONIOMAT M is small enough to carry, so you can set it in place and start measuring anywhere in your lab or production floor. Connect the GONIOMAT to your laptop, install the GONIOMATIK software directly from the hardware, and then you can measure the geometry of your prism and evaluate your results. We also provide you with a certified reference prism that you can use to ensure that your GONIOMAT is measuring to specifications before you begin.

How Does It Work?

Measuring Geometry with goniomatik

To measure the geometry of your part, set the prism, wedge, or polygon onto the device, and turn the first surface toward the autocollimator until the reflected image becomes visible on the measurement window. Then, set the measurement position to zero and turn the next surface toward the autocollimator. The angle between these surfaces will be indicated as soon as the return image for the second surface appears in the measurement window. That’s all there is to it!

Applications of the GONIOMAT M from Möller-Wedel Optical

While manual goniometers have been used in metrology for decades, the GONIOMAT line represents a significant innovation in the ease with which anyone who has a need to accurately check the geometry of prisms, polygons, and wedges can do so. For example, there is no need to distinguish between the surface and internal reflections when using the GONIOMAT, the GONIOMATIK software uses them to make the measurements more accurate! As another example, the traditional method for calibrating a polygon can require nearly an entire day to perform the measurements, with the GONIOMAT M it can be accomplished in about 20 minutes!

Benefits of the GONIOMAT M By Möller-Wedel Optical

This easy-to-use, portable device is perfect for measuring geometry of prisms and, unlike similar products, it only takes a few minutes to complete the measuring process. Plus, Vermont Photonics stands behind your GONIOMAT by offering the longest warranty in the industry. With this product, we not only make sure you have precise and accurate angle measurements; we also make it simple.