About Vermont Photonics

Vermont Photonics is the exclusive U.S. distributor of high quality optical test equipment and components by German manufacturer Möller-Wedel Optical GmbH.

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About Möller-Wedel Optical

For more than 45 years the optical test equipment of Möller-Wedel GmbH has been renowned worldwide for excellent quality. In order to enhance the market position of Möller measuring devices, …

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About Our Products

Vermont Photonics supplies electronic and visual instruments including autocollimators, collimators, telescopes, dioptometers, alignment systems, refractometers, goniometers, and more.

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I want to thank you and your team for doing an incredible job from the start… I, literally, could not have been more pleased both with your professionalism, technical expertise, and patience/support during these various contractual events.
-Lead ASTS Electro-Optical Systems Engineer, Boeing
You guys have been terrific as a vendor and partner… service and communication have been excellent from the start. Product has performed well, and your ability to customize software for our applications has worked very well.
Medical imaging device manufacturer
Vermont Photonics is the first company that the audit team has ever seen to have a policy for the components considered in uncertainty calculations.
Noteworthy Practice from Quality Audit Report, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dealing with suppliers such as you certainly makes my job easier. The equipment purchased enabled us to further our relationship with our customer, who is a very well-known and highly respected global automotive OEM.
-Automated lens alignment equipment manufacturer
Customer focus is really appreciated, and unfortunately too rare. I loved dealing with your company… The collimator worked flawlessly out-of-box, as compared to the previous one from another company that I never could get comfortable with in 18 years!
-Civilian contractor for the US military
I returned the demo equipment today, sadly. It is a really quality instrument and worked beyond my expectations. Thanks for being so easy to work with on this. I really appreciate it.
-Roylnn Serati, Boulder Nonlinear Systems
It is a pleasure to deal with suppliers that take ownership and deliver a great product.
-Global eye care device manufacturer
The modifications were very nicely done and we are now able to measure to the center of an eight inch plate, which we’ve long wanted to do. The new software and user interface is great. It’s very easy to learn and operate and our work gets done much faster than before.
-Optical filter manufacturer
My recent experience with Vermont Photonics and Möller-Wedel products has been nothing short of exceptional.
-Designer of firearms and rescue illumination systems
I was VERY happy with the communication and general ‘on the ball’ status of your company… Cal service turnaround was something like a week, stupendous by any standard.
-Major interferometer manufacturer
Service from you and your office has always been excellent – especially the quick responses to any requests or questions.
-Major US defense contractor